COPPER Distribution created SILMET EUROPEAN DISTRIBUTION to bring together the various European operators involved in the distribution of copper so as to offer a comprehensive solution which would meet with the international operators’ expectations and needs.

The aim is to offer the principal European purchasers a unique contact to:


On the one hand, being able to conduct both technical and tariff negotiations directly with SILMET (the 3rd biggest European copper pipes manufacturer) so as to obtain the best raw material purchase price, considering the global volume of the whole of your potential market.


And, on the other hand, tailor your needs for this particular market in terms of the services needed to complete the project, with professional people fully aware of the limitations of the countries concerned.

We have realized that, because from one country to another, both the levels and the contents of services for some European projects require an important and specific adaptation, and that, in the end, the standardization of the purchases for some projects cannot be successfully achieved or can only be partly achieved because of these specific features.

You negotiate the price of the pipe with the factory, then, depending on the country, we adapt the specificity of the service.

The SILMET EUROPEAN DISTRIBUTION network brings together the 3rd European manufacturer of copper pipes together with 09 local distributors such as COPPER Distribution in France, all of them specialized in the products that incorporate copper and with a perfect knowledge of the logistics needs and limitations of their geographical area of coverage.

In practice, each country will work with the local representative who:

  • Speaks the same language as your correspondent in this country
  • Has a perfect knowledge of the normative, fiscal and social environment
  • Has a perfect knowledge of the local commercial practices
  • Manages the specific logistics built on the specifications initially agreed
  • Manages the day-to-day business relationship with your teams.

This pattern enables you to optimize your purchasing process by negotiating directly with the manufacturer without impairing the concept of services which allows the smooth functioning of the project in practical terms…